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Howdy Pardner! My name is Art, I'm a 48 year old, married Catholic parent of a herd of great kids: A daughter 17, and 4 sons 15, 10, 8, and 5, and a new daughter, age 7 months :-) (Crazy?..who's crazy?? I got it from the is hereditary..hehehhe). I am fortunate enough to be married to the most wonderful woman in the world! Melissa and I were married October 22, 1999. Please visit And Two Became One , a celebration of our marriage, and be sure to also visit Agape's Wine , and share my joy and Love for Melissa!
And, while you are in a visiting mood, please be sure to visit The Art of Romance, Melissa's Page dedicated to our Love....many pages you can send to your spouse or mate via ICQ! A must see!

Hehehehe...Melissa is gonna kill me, but I just CAN'T resist...hehehhehe..Click here to hear what I tell Melissa allllll the time! Hehehehehee...I'm dead!!!..hehehhe.

I am also a 3rd Degree Member of the Knights of Columbus.

We live in Nashville, Tennessee, but hail from Rawlins, Wonderful Wyoming. Rawlins was named after General John Rawlins, and was originally called Rawlins Springs. It has a population of around 8000 of some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. Visit my Homepage on Wyoming: Carbon County Facts and Fiction here.

My hobbies include reading, fishing, camping, and family oriented activities.

My favorite teams are the Denver Broncos (WAY TO TO BRONCOS! BACK TO BACK SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS, '97, '98!!), the Colorado Rockies, theWyoming Cowboys, and ANYONE who is playing the Oakland Raiders (Boo!) or the BYU Cougars. Go Broncos! Go Pokes!


I won the Cowboy Up! Award

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The Cowboy Up award is awarded for a site that has speed in loading, good use of graphics, is easy to navigate, and is written by an individual about and for themselves, and one which displays a sense of humor. To apply for your Cowboy Up award, visit Rubicon's Homepage at the link below.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Jaramillo

Vivat Jesus!

3rd Degree Knight

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Pistol Pete..aka...Cowboy Joe

A High Falootin' Rootin' Tootin', Son-of-a-gun from Old Wyoming!!

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