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Below, are the awards I have won for my web page and design...I hope that you will visit the links associated with the awards to apply for them for your web site. Thank you for visiting....It is a real joy to share this information with YOU...I do these pages and design this site to be Family Friendly....and to tell the Truth....God Bless!

These awards are dedicated to my beloved...Melissa Danise Theresa Foster...She has been such an inspiration to my continual work on these pages. Her ideas, encouragement and mostly her love are the motivation for me to her...these awards truly belong...for without her, I could not continue on.....and, this too is her reward:

((((((((((Hugs & Kisses))))))))))))))))

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My "Angel Awards"

Rubicon's "Cowboy Up"


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Awards from Lydia...*smiles*...Thanks, Lydia!

Awarded February 22, 1999

Awarded March 7, 1999

Awarded March 7, 1999
These 3 Awards are courtesy of Lydia.
Visit The Lord is My Light and My Salvation To apply for these awards, and see a wonderful site!

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The Lord is my Light and my Salvation
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