October 23,1998...Art and Missy Betrothed


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Art & Missy became Man and Wife on October 22, 1999.....And the Two Hearts Are Joined as One!

She said "YES!!!!"

At approximately Midnight, on October 23, 1998, my beloved Melissa Danise accepted my proposal to wed! I am indeed the happiest man in the world!

I want to share with you the events of our betrothal, as in front of 25 people, she said "YES!!".

Melissa and I met in Catholicity Chat...sometime in early to mid March, 1998. We became good friends in the chat room, and would talk about anything.. laughing, teasing, just being good friends. We shared serious moments as well.. news of her mother's surgery...she opened up to me...and shared her life with me. Our friendship began to turn to Romance..and on May 10, 1998, we began going steady with each other..committing our growing love to each other..it has not all been roses...there have been thorns along the way..but, we persevered, never giving up on each other, always talking about what we were feeling. We are blessed in being able to communicate our most inner feelings with each other.

We share a love that we know comes from God...it is Eternal..it is undying..it is Agape. Our spirits themselves seem to sense each other's needs, wants, and desires. We often think the same things at exactly the same time...it is something that is hard to explain....but it exists.

I wanted to do this page to share the events of that night...because I love her with all my heart. And so...here is how it happened...Missy copied all the dialogue in the room beginning with my proposal and saved it for all of Eternity. This is that dialogue and what followed....she said "YES!!"

This chapter began at just before midnight, Friday, October 23rd.... the whole story began long before.... and will continue to be written for as long as Forever lasts...

To set the scene.. Art and I were having one of our "discussions" ... basically playing back and forth.. Trust me.... our conversation was taking an entirely different road... I had pushed him on something... (sheesh.. can't even remember right now.. hehe.. ) and he came back telling me that I had best be prepared... I was in trouble.. (ok.... so.. he used different words.. I don't have to share EVERYTHING you know!! LOL) Anyways... not thinking... I answered back : "Oh? And just what is it that you're proposing?? This is his reply.... (btw... later he told me he's been waiting for just that word from me for some time.... and simply couldn't pass up the opportunity... *smiles*)

ArtJ smiles at Missy.K.: I am proposing an Eternal and undying love...Agape..I am proposing the sharing of Eternal Bliss, with our Lord at the Center to lead and guide us in this life and beyond...I am proposing a life of happiness, caring, sharing...laughter, tears, hard work, play...I am proposing marriage...a marriage in the Church..blessed in the Sacrament of Matrimony....I am proposing ....and I am on my knees...will you?...Will you be my wife?...Will you marry me Melissa Danise?...I love you! *kiss*

(23:59:10) Missy.K. hugs ArtJ: *tears in eyes*.. I can't believe you did this... or want this... But here's your answer... You want agape... that is what I've desired for always... You've given that to me.. No one has ever wanted to take that kind of time to invest in me... you have offered a complete.. and unconditional love... You already have given me more happiness in almost 6 months than I've had in a lifetime.. You've shared laughter.... LOTS of laughter.. some tears.. and have allowed me to remain a kid sometimes and still play.. You know how important our Faith is.. and it is wonderful to not only have a man in my life that says he's Catholic .. but LIVES the Faith... and yes indeed.. what you are proposing is a Sacrament.. that is the only way we would have it. I am not afraid of a hard work.. when the rewards are so great.. So... (if you haven't given up waiting.. .. ) the answer to your offer of Eternal happiness.. is.... yes.. *kiss*.. I love you too.... today.. tomorrow.. and for always.. ok?

(00:01:53) ArtJ hugs Missy.K.: *tears in my eyes*...Wow!!!! Come here!!! (((((((((Missy))))))))))))....I love you!!!!!! You have just made me the happiest man in the world..let alone in this room...thank you!!! *kiss*

The Celebration.... (sorry.. I missed some.. hehehe)

LAURIE.M smiles at Missy.K.: That was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful!

(00:02:48) ArtJ smiles at Jeannie143: yes...I did....and she said YES!!!!!...start baking..hehheheh

(00:04:46) ArtJ smiles at Danielle.Elizabeth: Yes!!!..and more importantly..she said YES!!!....yippppeeee...heheheh

00:05:31) LAURIE.M cries out to Everyone: ***Way to go, Art & Missy*** Wooooooooo Hoooooooo!

(00:05:33) Danielle.Elizabeth cries out to ArtJ: OH!!! I"M SO HAPPY FOR YOU TWO!! CONGRATUALTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(00:05:49) Jeannie143 says to Missy.K.: CONGRATULATIONS! BEST WISHES! THIS IS BETTER THAN A SOAP OPERA!! :o)

(00:06:28) ArtJ smiles at Danielle.Elizabeth: Thank you!

00:08:21) ArtJ smiles at Missy.K.: God, do you know how happy you have made me??...heheh...my face hurts I'm smiling sooooooo much...I love you!!!

00:08:35) Missy.K. laughs with Jeannie143: Thanks... I'm counting on the ending being a lot better than a soap opera... shooting for something more along the lines of It's A Wonderful Life..... heheh.. or.. *giggling* ... Yours, Mine, and Ours!! heheh

00:12:28) Missy.K. smiles at ArtJ: {{{{{{{{{ART}}}}}}}}}}} love you too!!

00:17:11) ArtJ smiles at Missy.K.: *smiles*

(00:18:55) Jeannie143 says to ColleenB: HE JUST PROPOSED TO MISSY.K ONLINE IN THIS ROOM! SHE SAID YES!

00:20:28) ColleenB says to Jeannie143: Who proposed?

00:20:54) ArtJ smiles at frpatrick: yes Father..I did..and she said YES!!! *smiles*

(00:20:56) Jeannie143 says to ColleenB: ART!

00:22:35) ArtJ smiles at AmySessa: Thank you!!!

(00:22:46) Missy.K. hugs ArtJ: Do you know how much that you are loved?? I PROMISE ... you are going to spend a lifetime finding out.. ((((((((HUGS)))))))))))

00:22:59) frpatrick says to ArtJ: (picture of a cross)

(00:23:29) ArtJ smiles at Missy.K.: I count on it...((((((((Hugs)))))))....and I know!!! I truly know...

00:23:38) ColleenB : I missed the big moment . Is this serious?

(00:23:47) Andrew says to ColleenB: Yes.

(00:23:47) Carrie smiles at ArtJ: and Missy K.: Hey, Art and Missy! I just heard the great news!! CONGRATS!!! Many blessings on your marriage!!!!

(00:23:53) ArtJ smiles at frpatrick: Thank you Father

00:24:46) ArtJ smiles at ColleenB: YES!!!..she said YES!!!!..I'm sooooooo happy..hehehhehe

00:25:15) ArtJ smiles at Carrie: Thank you!!

00:25:47) Carrie says to ArtJ: and Missy K.: So did you two meet on here?

(00:26:14) ArtJ says to Carrie: Yes...we did...cool, huh?

(00:26:15) Missy.K. smiles at Carrie: Thank you Carrie... I already know our relationship is blessed

(00:28:04) Carrie says to ArtJ: YEah, it sure is! How long ago? How did you finally get together? Do you two live nearby?

(00:28:35) ColleenB says to ArtJ: Congratulations. I didn't know there a romance going on in this chat room. Where does Missy live?

(00:29:42) ArtJ smiles at Carrie: We met here in March....we just started talking to each other...she wasn't looking, nor was I...one thing led to another...and the next thing we know..we are in love...true love...I live in Wyoming (and she soon will be..yippppeeeee!!..heheh)...and she lives in TN

00:30:13) Carrie says to ArtJ: But you have actually met in person, right?

00:30:49) ArtJ smiles at ColleenB: Thank you...in TN...for the moment..hehehhe

(00:31:20) Carrie says to ArtJ: Where in TN? I was just in Chattanooga and Nashville this past weekend

(00:34:14) ColleenB says to ArtJ: When is the wedding?

00:35:48) Jeannie143 smiles at Nanette.Elizabeth: You two are just in time to congradulate Missy.K and ArtJ. He proposed in here tonite and she accepted! (sniff!sniff!)

00:36:27) LauraAnn.Seefeld says to ArtJ: congradulations1

00:36:42) LauraAnn.Seefeld says to Missy.K.: congrats

00:37:02) ArtJ smiles at ColleenB: We are planning on next summer some time...have set a tentative date of June 12...but will see as things become more unravelled..heheheh...but one way or the other..there is gonna be (as we say in Wyoming)..heheh.."A Marryin' gonna happen"..hehehhehe

(00:37:07) Nanette.Elizabeth cries out to ArtJ: Horray for you!!!

(00:38:21) ArtJ smiles at Nanette.Elizabeth: ain't no rumor..it is fact!!!

(00:39:26) Michael.N. says to Missy.K.: I have been married 16 years December. I love my wife more with every year that passes.

00:39:38) Jeannie143 says to Missy.K.: Now you need to go to my web page so I can build you a virtural wedding cake! (hehehe) www.thecakery.com You can get lots of ideas there! :o)

(00:39:43) Nanette.Elizabeth says to ArtJ: I suggust a honeymoon in Alaska! Stop in and say hi! Go fishing! Enjoy the midnight sun!

(00:39:45) Missy.K. softly nudges Jeannie143: pass some tissues this way.. hehehe..

(00:39:51) Peggy.Hagen smiles

00:40:03) ArtJ softly nudges Jeannie143: heheh..Missy told me to ask you to pass the kleenex..heheheheh...we are also talking live to each other as we chat in here..cool, eh??..hehehhe

00:43:39) ArtJ laughs with Nanette.Elizabeth: heheh..Alaska sounds good to me...heheh...something tells me there ain't gonna be a whole lotta time for fishin'..heheheheheh

(00:44:32) ColleenB says to ArtJ: your phone bill much be something else.hehe

(00:45:38) ArtJ smiles at Jeannie143: Thank you!!!!...and you may be getting an order..do you deliver as far as Wyoming??..heheheheh

(00:45:45) Nanette.Elizabeth laughs with ArtJ: Gosh, Art, what could be better than fishing? He He He!!!!

00:46:29) ArtJ laughs with ColleenB: yeahhhhhhh...hehehe....we own stock in Mountain Bell and Southern Bell..heheh...ironically...I have my Southern Belle..hehehehehh

00:47:11) Rosemarie says to ArtJ: I just heard the good news, congratulations!!!! :-)

00:47:29) ArtJ laughs with Nanette.Elizabeth: heheheh...dunno..*scratching head*..but Missy said she would show me....hehehehhehe

(01:02:32) ArtJ smiles at AdrienneBarr: Ohhhhhh..not much...heheh...I proposed to Missy in here about an hour ago..and she said.........YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!....hehheheh

01:08:46) ArtJ smiles at ColleenB: I have 2..she has 3....and more to come...God willing!!

01:26:54) Rosemarie : Maria Theresa Merino -- We have Champagne in the room tonight! Art J. and Missy K. are engaged!!!

(01:27:12) ArtJ smiles at markanthony: Who cares about Caesar??..Give to Caesar what is Ceasars..heheh....but give to God what is God's...and my Missy has accepted my proposal to wed...I am the happiest man in the world tonight!!!

(01:27:12) markanthony says to Rosemarie: WHAT/!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(01:27:49) Maria.Theresa.Merino says to Rosemarie: Again???? I thought that was just a nasty rumor! hehe

(01:27:53) Terry.Garrity says to ArtJ: Congratulations---you can work on getting one another to heaven! What a vocation!

01:28:20) markanthony says to ArtJ: CENTURION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...MAN OH MAN...YOU SLY OL' DOG YA!!!.....well i never...thats amazing...well you crafty ol soul you!!...delighted for ya...well Caesar will DEFFINATELY HEAR THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(01:28:36) Rosemarie says to markanthony: Yes, get a glass of bubbly right over here!!!

01:29:28) markanthony says to Rosemarie: fill 'em up there!!!

(01:29:57) ArtJ smiles at Terry.Garrity: Yes....it is...one I shall (and already do) enjoy immensely!!..She is a very wonderful, God fearing, God loving woman...and she brings out the Godliness within me....I love this vocation!

01:30:14) markanthony says to Missy.K.: hey...since i am the recognised hero..and arts commander in chief..(he did tell you right!!?)..well i must have the first dance with the bride after the new hubby!!...hehhhehe

(01:31:41) markanthony says to ArtJ: hey bud..i am delighted for ya...was worried at one point coz you got very quiet!!..but this is great news...and guess what i had a srange feeling about you 2!!,,,,God Bless..both of ya's,,,i really mean that....i salute you!!!!!!!!!!!!

01:32:25) Missy.K. smiles at markanthony: Sorry..... all my dances will be with my husband.....

01:33:09) markanthony says to Missy.K.: well in that case i'll promote him!!..you coudn't do better..take that from me

(01:35:54) Missy.K. smiles at markanthony: Trust me.... that I've figured out... He is a wonderful man.... and I'm blessed to have him in my life

Our Two Hearts Join in Dance

(01:36:28) ArtJ smiles at Missy.K.: pardon me...but may I have this dance??...*taking you in my arms..dancing slowly....Rod Stewart singing softly "Have I told you lately that I love you....."...*kiss*...you have made me the happiest man in the world tonight my Missy...Thank you...I love you soooooo much!!!!!..

01:36:33) markanthony says to Missy.K.: good stuff..and hey..he's one heck of a fisherman...so enjoy his best from the river!

(01:37:11) ArtJ says to markanthony: The WEDDING will be next summer

(01:37:23) Carrie smiles at ArtJ: Awe! You two are so sweet!!!! (sniff, sniff

01:38:23) markanthony says to ArtJ: excellent...so now you can relax enjoy christmas..and look ahead..i am really smacked for ya!

(01:39:41) Missy.K. smiles at ArtJ: *slipping off shoes... stepping close in your arms.. * Just one of many..... *kiss*.. It's going to be a longgggg night... I love you!! ((((((HUGS)))))))

01:40:23) ArtJ smiles at Missy.K.: Come here.....((((((((((Hugs))))))))...welcome home my dear....*kiss*

(01:40:31) Carrie smiles at Missy.K.: You two are so cute! : )

(01:42:40) markanthony says to Missy.K.: pheeewwww...heavy sigh of relief!!!...now you and art go and be happy!!!..:-))

01:44:13) Missy.K. smiles at ArtJ: I've spent too long away... It feels sooo good, huh?? ((((HUG))))))

(01:47:05) ArtJ sings: To Missy: "There's a kind of hush...all over the world tonight..all over the world you can hear the sounds, of Art and Missy in love....so listen very carefully, closer now and you will see what I mean...the only sound that you will hear is when I whisper in your ear 'I love you...forever and ever'..."...*kiss*..love you Missy (((((((hugs)))))))

01:49:17) ArtJ smiles at Missy.K.: mmmmmmm....heavenly..I think is the word....is it not??

01:52:12) Missy.K. smiles at ArtJ: Yes.... It is... *kiss*... You going to continue to sing to me all night.. .. and every night? hehe

01:52:49) ArtJ smiles at Missy.K.: for the rest of our lives...and beyond..count on it!!!

(01:54:50) ArtJ sings: Nothing you could say could ever take me away from my girl...nothing you could do could ever make me untrue to my girl!!...(((((((((Missy))))))))))

(01:58:04) Terry.Garrity says to Missy.K.: Well, you two keep it up. Gee, I'm gonna get sentimental and misty thinking about my own marriage vocation if you two keep it up. With humility, you'll always pull through, snip a little here 'n' there and raise a Catholic family that'll make one heckofa family reunion downstream. LOL----and I hope to heck you guys homeschool, but oops, my biases are getting the better of me.

(01:58:03) ArtJ sings: To Missy: "I got sunshine..on a cloudy day...when it's cold outside..I got the month of May..I guess you'd say.what can make me feel this way...My girl...we're talking about MY GIRL!!"...*kiss*

02:01:47) ArtJ laughs with Missy.K.: If this is "stuck"...hehehe..bury my wheels and throw away my handyman jack..heheh..I don't EVER want out..hehehhehe

(02:04:24) Missy.K. smiles at Terry.Garrity: Great.... If we can inspire those married to renew their love.. Wonderful!! As for raising a Catholic family... we are starting off with 5 children.. and we both are praying for more of God's gifts... I already homeschool... and believe very strongly in it... and Art has been very supportive of the idea.. Heck.. He even offered to teach Science!! (of course that was after an "incident" with an experiment in the kitchen.. but OH WELL!!!!) hehehe

02:07:59) Missy.K. softly nudges ArtJ: My turn to sing next.. hehe .... sheesh.. are you SURE you want to hear?? hehe

(02:08:01) ArtJ smiles at Everyone: Our God is truly a loving and merciful God...for on this night, he has given me Missy as my betrothed wife...Praise Him in all his Glory!..I must depart now...thank you to all of you who have shared in our joy this night...God Bless you all...*looking at Missy...reaching out my hand...come here..take my hand...let us retreat to someplace a little more private where we may converse and share our love before we go to our beds for the night..you have made me the happiest man in the world tonight..and I love you...*kiss*....Good night all!

(02:09:01) Terry.Garrity says to ArtJ: Mnohaja l'ita, blhaja l'ita! God grant you many blessed years!

(02:09:20) Missy.K. sings: Close your eyes, make a wish... and blow out the candlelight.. for tonight is just your night.. we're gonna celebrate.... all through the night".... *kiss* and throughout our lives.. I PROMISE!!!!!!

(02:09:35) markanthony says to ArtJ: farewell centurion and mrs centurion!!!

(02:09:59) ArtJ hugs Missy.K.: mmmmmmmmm....meet you outside..((((((((((MIsssssssy)))))))

02:11:47) Missy.K. hugs ArtJ: *kiss* Thank you... I love you!!! *placing hand in yours.*.. Time to go! {{{{{{{ART}}}}}}}}}

(02:13:15) Missy.K. smiles at Everyone: *holding Art's hand...* I thank you all also... Your support, your kindness, your friendship, and your love has made this all the more special.. God bless... and enjoy your night!!

(02:13:44) ArtJ smiles at Missy.K.: we're outa here....*taking your hand*...Goodnight all..God Bless!

And so, our Two Hearts join as we leave the room together!!

And that is how it happened....I am the happiest man in all the world!!

As more things come available (our engagement photo...wedding photos...and family photos) I will add them here...and thus begin the story of our lives as man and wife. I love you Melissa Danise....*kiss*...Thank you!!

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On October 23, 1998...Art and Melissa became betrothed
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